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Dark is this even a question? Where's the poll option for this???
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mostly Light for some reason
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Light and clear.
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I go for the dark theme, just seems like it easier on the eyes imo..

At my work there is a super bright light above me shining right on me so its nice to give my eyes a break bc I do come home and stare even longer at a bright computer screen haha
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Honestly forgot what the light and clear background even looked like lol. Very much prefer the dark version of the site a long with most others like youtube.
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Light and Clear cause im not a loser
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Light and Clear.

Not too keen on the Dark and Serious.
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Light and Clear looks the best fosho
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Light and clear rn. Although ive been using dark and serious alot more oftern. nicer on the eyes lul
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Light & Clear most of the time even though I do like Dark & Serious
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