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What do you do when you feel like giving up?

I usually just stop my self and try to take a deep breath and over think the situation.
I just tell my self steps and ways before I completely stop and give up and get angry. There's always a way to finish something if you can maybe not at that certain time. But if it's something I can't do like go on a certain floor at work cus I don't have a key I either look for another way there or give up and come back to that task later. Then the other way out is I just give up on that task until I can do that when the time arises.

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Talk to my girlfriend, she is always able to get me in the right mindset!
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Go to the gym.
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I try to calm myself by simply writing down stuff in a journal or take a deep breath like you said and listen to music while writing in my journal. I don't let my thoughts get the best of me!
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I have been in this situation more than I can count. The things that i have used in the past and present is running, being in a social situation, telling someone how i feel and just typing my thoughts in word and deleting them. I hope this helps!
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pet and be with my cats, my girlfriend....

got a lot of problems i gotta work on but they keep me strong as well as my family
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Usually all my problems go away when I'm under the influence. I deal with my issues without being in that state but it gets my mind off of those issues for a while.
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Take a smoke. relieves all the stress lmao. Like seriously though, Idk. Take some time to yourself, Listen to some music. sometimes its soothing to listen to music
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Watch this

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Listen to the wise words of the based god

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