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I know he hasnt responded so he probably doesnt care about this thread but realize that if its cheap then you will put a lot into it, usually when a car is pricier theres a good chance they kept good care of it and made sure it didnt have issues, spending more now is better than double that later.
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Maybe skip that idea until you're in a better position.
High insurance is just one factor.
Oil changes, basic maintenance, etc are all gonna be most expensive on a BMW.
It gets even worse when there is a repair, a part that needs to be completely replaced that's not part of the basic maintenance.

If you have a big garage and wanna do everything yourself and have a job that gives you enough money to throw into it, it's for sure possible, just really not recommended.
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I wouldn't get a bmw as your first car cause if it's your first car your new to driving and accidents could be more likely to happen and I doubt you'd love that totaled Beamer lol, I'd go with a cheaper car for now and later on maybe get a bmw when it's in your price range and affordable..
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cheap and bmw do not go together lol.
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Yeah i would recommend against a bmw. From my entrepreneural point of view, it just doesnt make sense. Very low resale value, expensive maintenance and then youre just another guy who drives around a bmw. Why dont you start out with a car or truck that you can buy cash and do things to for fairly cheap to, enventually reselling it it to work your way up.
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just make sure if you buy a BMW to never use indicators and always sit up my arse on a 60 road when I'm doing 65... I mean.. when i'm doing 60. Then you're a perfect example of a BMW driver.
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To insure it alone will be at least 1200+ in the uk my first year was 1550 on a Ford Fiesta ztec including a black box and a limit of 8,000 miles. Best bet get a oldish feista early 2000s drive that for a year or two get no claims and then buy your insurance will be 800£ or less make sure it has 4 doors your insurance costs more with 2
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fest wroteso i really want a bmw as my first car and im saving up money, i know little to nothing about cars, i know the insurance is gonna be pricey but ill be able to pay it off same goes for the parts.

i just wanna know what are some cheap nice looking BMWs that would be nice for a first car, im looking for E23s, found some in my area for a few k but idk, maybe yall can help me out w this

Wouldn't recommend for a first car at all tbh. Known for expensive problems and maintenance can also be very pricey.

First car should be a piece of cr+p that you dont mind beating up a lil.
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Maintenance on the car is expensive in case you didn't know
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