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Funny noise started after scooter cut out so changed a fuse and it started but as soon as I kill the power with the key it makes this funny noise

Do you know what this noise is please help?

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you should probably take it to a mechanic instead of asking a gaming website
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Well because you said you've never heard it before, I'm not sure. Noises like that typically have something to do with the fuel system.

Investigate the circuit that you repaired with the fuse, it might give you an indication as to what it is. I don't think it's anything to worry about, seems like it's a "shutting down" sound.

I'm not a mechanic but I do have some experience with cars and engines.
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From what it sounds like, sounds like something rotating and stopping quickly. Like a fan, or the serpentine belt stopping quickly. These are just guesses, I have no idea. If you found out what it was, reply to my comment because I'm curious
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