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What makes you laugh no matter what?

I would say dumb memes. Or Epic Rap Battles on YouTube. Or when when my fiance does a impression of like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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For me it is something like that :p

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I would have to say some pretty funny memes will get me laughing
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When I walk past a mirror and see my reflection cause i'm a joke
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Feminists saying thier are more than 2 genders lol

Edit: was only messing about the gender thing wanted to see how many downvotes i could get haha, what really gets me the most what i find funny is triggering and trolling people on xbox or fb thier is nothing more satisfying than people getting mad or a good ol roast sesh haha, and also messing about online with mates not taking games seriously like in r6s using pistols only or doing dumb challenges like my friend picks my loadout, or tells me what to drop and pick up in BR etc. thats good craic gets some funny moments were the partys filled with laughter.

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Cent being staff
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southpark tbh, I love that show
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There is a certain set of songs that are linked to websites from back in the day that when I hear I can not help but smile and laugh.. oh god
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Any kind of physical comedic humor. I grew up watching reruns of The 3 Stooges, Laurel & Hardy etc. Seeing things like that makes me laugh without fail
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