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Hi TTG Members, Gary/Potion here.
By now you may have heard the news.
Yep, I'm retired.
I wanted to reach out directly to you, the TTG Community, because there is one thing I really want to say.
Thank you.
Thank you for your never ending support and your passionate love of TTG.
And personally giving me a community full of memories I will never forget, ever.
From the first time I joined the shoutbox I realized that TTG members share a unique sense of community.
A bond that goes beyond just the love of videogames.
For these past 7 years I have been honored to be included as part of your community.
Just as you understand that TTG tries to always put smiles on faces.
Well let me tell you, you put thousands of smiles on mine.
As I head off to spend more time with my wife, my family, and my friends im handing over the controller to new staff members.

You know me as a gamer so you can probably understand how incredible its been to moderate on TTG.
One of the signature experiences of my life.

I leave in good health and in good spirits.
And believe me my body is still ready.

I'll be dropping the title that's meant so much to me, Moderator of TheTechGame.
But I'll retain one that means even more, TTG Member.

From the bottom of my heart thanks again for everything, you guys are the best.

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I feel like crying... wtf Gary.

Good luck, and all the best mate <3
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My Fav girl gamer.
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You're a beautiful gamer girl, and even though you're only slightly better than me at fortnite (jk), I still consider you a champion Thank you for all your contributions to the site over the years homie man
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Gary come back
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Couldn't of written a better article, all the best in your future Gary. What a great opportunity you had moderating the site and as you said we are such a unique community. Again all the best!
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Damn man can't believe you retired.

So many staff members are retiring
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I am going to miss you.

Thanks for your time you spent as staff.

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Thanks for the help and gifts you've given me.
Hope you stay in touch bro.
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