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My parents were about a 5-7 out of 10. When I was younger I had to sit at the kitchen table to do my homework while they watch me do it. Then, they were laid back after I told them I started smoking cigrattes, since at the time they did too. My mom was 10000% against cannabis, now shes not. She's iffy about it but understands that CBD helps and accepts what I use it for.

I had friends with stricter parents. Where one friend was scared to death that his parents would beat him because he got a low grade on a suprise test.
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My parents were pretty strict growing up. It only really became a problem once I became 18. Through out my schooling years I had one friend. He was my best friend. My parents knew his parents, and they both trusted each others side and choices on things. So they allowed us to hangout endless amounts of times. Even on school nights and we would catch the bus together.

Besides the point. It was when I turned 18 and got my first job at a restaurant. Then things changed. They started questioning me, accusing me, denying me access to useful resources that influenced what I could do. it limited me. Dont get me wrong, when I was 18, I was pretty damn stupid. They were strict. Then time passed, I seen the world for what it is, I accepted pain, hate, criticism, and moved on. Its called life. To answer the question, they were 10/10 strict.
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When I was younger I would say 10, but now not at all
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I wanna go with a 3.

I personally do not know how to use this scale but growing up I felt I had things easy of course I would get in trouble for being an idiot but for the most parts my parents were relaxed. I think that comes from also being the youngest of three children so I can't complain. I got great relationships with my siblings and parents so everything is great.
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3-4 they were very chill, just wanted to know where i was.
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Kinda Half and Half for me, My Mum has been giving gave me cigs etc since I was at least 12-13 she didn't really care, Didn't care about how late I was out or how much money I was saving etc but that's just how it is in Scotland, Less Fancier Parts anyway

My Dad was the complete opposite however! Tough love Kinda guy, He showed me the way, Taught me hard work and gave me a purpose. When I was staying with him I had too be in for 10 till I was like 16 lol

This one time the day before my 16th and 17th Birthday, Same day both years 2nd of July I thought I was smart and got drunk with friends, Got caught and grounded the whole summer THE WHOLE SUMMER the same exact day 2 years in a row lmao It made me Notorious,
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3. My mom doesn't really care too much but my dad does ha
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id say not very strict so id say 2/10
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Not very strict they were chill af but I was in foster care for 6 years and moved around constantly, I'm back with my real parents now but like 1 out of probably 10 foster parents I was with was actually nice, the rest were literally evil, I wouldn't want any child to go through what I went through to get away from them :/
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if i played outside today i couldn't go outside tomorrow.
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