MilestoneI'd walk 7000 rep just to see Mortar againPosted:

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Hit 7k of the useless points

Thank this topic ok bye

Ban C4

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Congrats on the 7k you spammer, i wanna see 11k milestone this week pal.
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congrats on 7k rep. i wanna see rated awesome badge this year!
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Such a massive achievement reaching 7k rep on one of the finest sites on the internet, stick it in your cv, they will be pleased.
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Congratulations my best friend on this accomplishment You've grown up to be such a strong and beautiful woman, and I can't wait for you to get married on the set of teen wolf because you're perfect and awesome and congrats on 7000 rep my friend. You're awesome and cool and cooler and awesome and you're the bestestestestest person to get 7000 rep.

Congratulations Maze :')
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Congrats on 7k rep idiot!

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Congrats mate I've been stuck on 500 for a year lol
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