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At 1 point I had a very good team after a couple months off due to family stuff and now my team is awful and I'm coming up vs legends every game etc

Help my team

Alisson - 86
Walker - 84
Sanchez - 84
Van Djik - 85
Robertson - 81
Pogba - 88
Felipe - OTW
mahrez - 86
Lanzini - 86
Lacazette - 87
Aguero - 89

I only have 40k to spend so literally cant do much but any tips will help currently playing a 41212

Thanks in advance
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40k wont really help

just play rivals for a couple of weeks which you should naturally end up in rank 1 if you play enough

then first upgrade Mahrez then Robertson
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Ok thanks for the advice mate when you say upgrade you mean keep the player just get there better IF or change player If so any suggestions I also have Headline Arnie on bench
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I would upgrade to 83 Robertson for sure
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i will disagree to a point with the others about robertson,i think upgrading to the 83 is the least important thing to do,but he could do with being upgraded.i think your problem is the formation as you have some really good players in your team and a few totally unnecessary ones so hope you dont mind me giving my opinion and picking your team apart
firstly the formation,i cant bear 41212 for this reason,you have the assist king in otw felipe anderson too far back,needs to be lw(i use him,he is insane),you have pogba with low defensive workrates at cam,really????
lanzini is ok if you have to use him but with 57 physical and 42 strength then he will be easy to defend against,will hardly set a chance up.id get rid of him
aguero and lacazette-good cards and really good in game but you have headliner arnie-why do you use these at all.cross the ball from felipe anderson to arnie.he will score,simple as that,that will free coins b selling these
mahrez- i cant understand why people use it,yes it has 5 star skills but his passing is so bad and not really quick enough on the wing especially at rm
alisson-just awful in game
sanchez -gives too many penalties away but a good defender if you can cope with that
robertson-could do with being upgraded
this is just my opinion,others will probably disagree,id change to 4231 in game or even 433(4)
your team is worth about 900k,you could do better especially as the 2 strikers mentioned earlier are not as good as what you have on the bench.i'll make what i would build for 900k and see what you think

id build something like this


change to 4231 in game
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