RantWhat's your road user pet peeve?Posted:

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State your country so people don't get confused.


My personal pet peeve are people that don't understand how to use "merge in-turn" lanes I once had a women get extremely aggressive at me for using the empty merge in-turn lane and attempting to get in front of her which I'm legally allowed to do.
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People who wait till the last minute to get over when a lane is closed
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C4 wrotePeople who wait till the last minute to get over when a lane is closed

i have the same one. i never let those people over
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People do not knowhow to use blinkers, and wait untill the last minute to merge.... it is annoying. lol
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Drivers that brake when a car is coming from the other direction even though they are in their own lane.
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High beams...

Seriously driving at night on country roads is dangerous enough without idiots blinding you.
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As a police officer,
When you're rushing to a job at speed and someone decides to slam their breaks on and stop in front of us.
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When people brake out of no reason or cut me off or actually anyone off it's pointless and not worth the trouble.
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People who don't use indicators (turn signals)

It's not that **** hard.
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People who stop at yellow lights when they first turn yellow. You can clearly make it Becca
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