Xbox 360Saddest moments of your Xbox childhoodPosted:

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Mine has to be either getting scammed for 1600 Microsoft points , Getting Kicked from the party and also getting kicked out from a 6man on mw2 , Being Removed off someone's friendslist lmao or Never seeing my Xbox friends get on again:(

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The 1600 Microsoft points got me ahahah

Mine would be getting scammed points and getting de ranked for no reason
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Being 2 minutes away from finishing the lag vidmaster challenge on halo 3: ODST for recon armor and the game lagging account and having to do it all over again.
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Getting my xbox taken away for having bad grades, lol. Also scammed for points trying to find modded lobbies
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Having my parents unplug the router so I couldn't play on Xbox live
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Got rrod once and i think i might have shed a tear
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Probably when one of the call of duty's came out (can't remember which) & my internet went down for like 2 days on release day:(
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Aww man can relate I was at GameStop in the mall waiting for mw3 to release and had school that night so had to go to bed right away geez that was 2011 I was 11 or 12 now I'm 16
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RROD definitely, the towel trick was the funniest thing tho xD
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I miss my mw2 buddies.
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