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Hello everyone, because of the generosity and wonderful comments I'm doing another gold giveaway every comment I will add ur username to a list and will randomly Generate the winner
I did a giveaway few weeks ago the winner on that was cloudie but since he had gold I donated to his friend if anyone curious about the legitimacy of this giveaway message him

How to enter:

Comment down below why you like ttg, like anything that this community has done for you I'm curious to hear
Me personally I love the Community because of the changes we've had in the past, I've been fortunate enough to grow and watch what the tech game has transformed into, I remember back in the day when this used to be just a modding site so many spammers and scammers lot of members will know what I'm talking about it was pretty bad lol thankfully that's changed
I may have been on the site for awhile, may not have lot of posts or rep but I've been active in the background I'm trying to be social but it's hard when working full time plus life

If you have gold too you can enter, would be preferable if the gold winner donates the gold to a non user

**if this giveaway is well precieved, on my birthday may 8th, I'm going to do a gold gifting week, where may 9th to 16th I will be gifting one user a day I will make a post about it near my birthday***

Best of luck everyone

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I mostly stick around the call of duty forum, but I like to help people over there like answering modding related questions or offering free services when I get the chance. Thanks for the giveaway man
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Great community and SB is home

Thanks for this
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Cod Forum

Thx for the giveaway !

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Very kind community + it brings a lot of people closer to one another

I love the community <3
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I just browse the news section, would be decent to have a colour username
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thanks for doing this!

I am a longtime lurker in the news section for gaming aka homepage! just makes it easier to read than look for them all over media.
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The site has certainly improved over the years & gained a lot of great people. I'm always helping mostly in the Xbox forum or anything modding related, as I like to help others who need a little guidance.

Thanks for the giveaway
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TTG is my home I'd be lost without this wounderful community
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Ill enter i love the community!
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