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The title basically says it all i'm currently in astronomy now in high school and I've loved it pretty much besides all the test and everything lol but I wanna know what you guys/girls think. Did you ever take it or was it a option as a class you could take? And if you did take it did you like it and what was your favorite thing learning about that you could remember?
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I wish.
It was never offered in my high school.
If I go back to college, it's for sure one of the classes I will be taking.
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No I took physics in school, wasn't offered astrology just chemistry, biology and physics
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I took astronomy my senior year for my 4th science. It was my favorite subject.
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I took astronomy my last year of high school. Was a neat class, was much better than all the other science classes I was forced to take..
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Nah, i has a choice to but turned it down.
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I am currently in my college upper level astronomy class and it is horrible I would suggest not taking it in college because it is much more complex and difficult than high school astronomy.
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Astronomy was never a subject we could pick back in high school, I think we did a small unit within Physics but not much at all.

Celestial Navigation is one of the subjects we do at Maritime college though (Using celestial bodies and the visible horizon to fix your position) which is quite interesting, very heavy on the maths calculations and such though.
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I took alevel physics which had topics involving space
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No, I did take Oceanography which was pretty awesome!
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