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  • Christmas!
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I'll enter thanks
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count me in chief
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Sign me up
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Ayo lemme enter in this my guy.

I met some of the coolest people I know IRL due to this site. That was 3 years ago lol.
But still they are still my best friends.
Glad to have joined this site back then.
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When speed didn't believe in the Patriots comeback vs the Falcons I think and said he would change his username if they won.

I have plenty of fond memories here.

Thanks for the gold opportunity.

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When i gifted the sb and sean thought it was a scam
Thanks for the giveaway
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I'd like to enter this giveaway!
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Count me in!

Good luck everyone and I repped and thanked!
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  • Christmas!
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I would like to enter.

Thank you.
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  • Christmas!
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Thanks for the giveaway!
Some good memories were from when I first joined and was making a bunch of friends on the modding part of the website.
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