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Cent wrotechoking the chicken tbh
lmao that and waking up next to my girlfriend lolol
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I do landscape for living and I absolutely hate it if I get to a customers yard and I forget a tool at my house. My whole day is just ruined and im embarrassed.
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Waking up next to my stallion
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What gets me through my day? If I'm having a bad day or don't have anything to look forward to I just look forward to the future, because eventually everything works itself out. Everything is for a reason, so just work hard to improve yourself and your future will come and everything you want will become a reality. That is my outlook
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Focusing on a day off helps, pretty much what I do every single week hahaha
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Trying to stay positive 24/7
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when people on the internet call me cute
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Just the ability to be able to wake up and get to work, also music when I wake up really helps.
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