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shit would be so lit

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Imagining we can use Anime: My Hero Academia, have some dope ass quirk
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Hands down Dragon Ball Super Universe
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I would say fast and furious. I grew up watching that movie and I love cars and racing.
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Probably Breaking Bad
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jurassic world
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Training Day
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Sons of anarchy, prison break, breaking bad, family guy. Maybe even riverdale.

I personally think any of those would be cool, family guy would just be a meme.
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I would want to live in Kuroinu as a mercenary. Damn those dark elves!
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I've always liked the world of Harry Potter I just think it's fascinating with all the magic and things like moving newspaper photos, the cafeteria themes on holidays, the food and candy, etc. It's just a cool world and if I went to school in Hogwarts that would be lit!
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