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I'd recommend saving for a deposit, so if it's 8000 I'd say save 2000 for deposit so you have lower instalments. Also, be sure to have that extra money every month.
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I recently started financing vehicles in the past 3 years, it is very hard for you're first time. A few things you need to look at:

- is the vehicle worth what you are asking and what the bank is loaning l.

-Down payment- is it enough, I saw a post someone had a 23.99% interest rate personally that's terrible. My first auto loan had a 9% on 12k. My second and current vehicle has a 3.5%,

Also don't rush and make sure you know what you are buying, don't buy a hoopty and get screwed. Also people are so so in gap insurance I suggest it if you get a used vehicle you look into this so that if you wreck it you are not paying a loan on a vehicle you can't drive or don't have.
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Thanks guys. I'm just going to save more and keep my current car, until i find something worth buying.
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