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This site has come to be a complete trashcan. I've been grinding the past few months and have been trying to see this community and site in the best way possible, but I'm completely over it.

So many people here care about no one except themselves. You all sit in the shoutbox, priveledged as hell, and do nothing with your lives but watch anime.

Site staff does absolutely nothing. If they aren't spamming emojis in the shoutbox they are playing runescape, or now, Minecraft. No new features on this website in how long? Thanks for nothing. You should all ban yourselves.

Thanks for reading my rant. Won't be on this site anymore. Have fun wasting away.

April Fools I love u guys

except C4 ban that hoe #BanC4

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lol you a funny guy buddy
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Still 10 minutes till April 1st but love you lol
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lmao had me going for a second.
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Maze wrote

If they aren't spamming emojis in the shoutbox they are playing runescape,

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I mean you're not wrong


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lol got me for a second
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Lol forgot it was April 1st
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april fools
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