Giveaway(No.2) 24h Gold Giveaway! (Winner)Posted:

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Decided i'll gift another person gold on here being as i can't offer any other help round here other than carry people on apex or fortnite I'll randomly choose someone at this time tomorrow ( 5:30AM GMT Time ) I don't ask for Rep nor Thanks on my post all i ask for is for you guys to check out my Mixer channel when you have time spare. I'm a new streamer on Mixer and i wanna build up my channel the right way and interact with my viewers the best way possible 9/10 i'll be broadcasting Apex Legends! [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Winners so far -
1. Mob
2. Flew

Keep an eye out for my next Gold Giveaway

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I'll enter. Thanks for the giveaway
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I'll enter this Cheers bro, I also gave your channel a follow on mixer ;)

Welcome to the site BTW
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I'd like to enter thanks bro.
Il jump in your streams when I can:)
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Count me in .

Thanks for the giveaway!
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Count me thanks!!
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I'll sign up for this yo!
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Entering thanks!
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enter me in. thanks for giving back
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would love to have gold again! thanks
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