YouTubeYoutube Montages or Instagram Clips? Which gains more views.Posted:

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I have tones of Fortnite Clips and after gathering I came to the dilema of using them for either a Youtube montage which I admit hasnt got me much as in views or anything, or Instagram clips which seems to do fairly well in activity?

My problem is like most gamers I want to get somewhere with the content I post and I'm uncertain on which platform is the best for this? could you get big of instagram using clips etc? or would I have to be more youtube orientated with montages etc?

If you need any examples feel free to check my Youtube and Instagram

Any positive feedback would be helpful.
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Here's my opinion.
Fortnite montages are straight garbage. Every single one of them.
There is no consistency in them. There is too many game mechanics. Too many good plays that don't have a place in a montage.
That's why CoD and Halo montages were so good, the majority was just clean multi kills. BRs, not so much.

That's why clips on Instagram do so well. You can throw in a clip of you getting a squad wipe, or an insane build battle, or some crazy snipes... there's just so much. Putting together all those various clips would be hard to watch. Seeing a bunch of separate clips on insta quickly shows skill in various circumstances.
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I agree 100% man.

The oldschool crazy edit CoD and Halo montages were the days for me, killfeeds and
trickshots .. also, after you broke it down I can see the logic in that point to be honest, cheers for the feed back pal much appreciated.
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The old COD clips I used to have were crazy, one time I made a montage of Quads and above. Got a good 20 quads in there.
I think APEX montage may attract a few more views than Fortnite.
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Dude the DRIVERS | FORTNITE MONTAGE was epic, some quality shots in there. What outfit is that 0:31?
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