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Hey guys, im buying something on eBay which is $100 but before i buy i want to know how to tell im getting the item thats in the photos. Ive heard to look at the description of the item to make sure its not fishy or anything which i did and seemed fine. The pictures provided are tagged with the sellers username which is a good sign to me. Is there anything else i need to look at to make sure everything goes alright?


The seller also has 100% positive feedback with 17 positive feedback ratings. So this is looking good, but you never know. Better safe than sorry!

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Look at the price. Is it too good to be true?
Check the seller's feedback profile. That is the number by the star.
Ask a question.
Look around.
Look at the item.
Read the description of the item thoroughly.
Look at the type of image being displayed.
Look closely at the actual feedback.
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^ Pretty much what he said.

There's always a risk in whatever you purchase on eBay, but eBay will always have your back, and so will PayPal if you're paying through there.

With what you've said so far, I'd pull the trigger. It sounds like you're in the clear and dealing with a legit user.
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