Does This Work?

Well No Shit, Chat Posted it Of Course It Works ^_^
63.16% (36 votes)
Nah Fam.
36.84% (21 votes)

Total Votes: 57

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PEI wrotecan anybody confirm if this still works?

Tried multiple times and doesnt allow you to start up a game or join anyone. Seems fixed
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i just did it with a friend and it is still working. I feel like the solo method is not reliable so try with a buddy.
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Yeah it isn't giving me an option to join my recent players game now after I leave after jumping out the helicopter
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Double XP ain't showing for me anymore
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this still works btw
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Thanks chat <3 appreciate you and prx finding this

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Working for me, been doing it for a week or so now.
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Is it double XP on all game modes? Or just Multiplayer?
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This has gotten patched I've been told by a few people.
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anyone have a code i can use for this? thx ^-^
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