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It has been a fast journey, due to others gifting in the SB, and some of the staff and some members I'm cool with helping me get my rep up higher. I appreciate all of you who supported me along the way frfr. Wouldn't of gotten to this goal without the help of the ones who actually wanted to see me reach this goal.

Much appreciated

Thanks to: Tricks, Ahri, Cent, Redacted, Adam, and many others who boosted me up.

The Following 10 Users Say Thank You to Jason For This Useful Post:

Mikey (02-17-2019), GG (02-15-2019), TTG (02-15-2019), GatorCheats (02-14-2019), saug (02-14-2019), Xbox (02-14-2019), Redacted (02-14-2019), Federation (02-14-2019), 40oz (02-14-2019), Cent (02-14-2019)
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Gratz on 1k bro!
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Sure was quick
Congrats on your first 1k rep man
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Ayee congrats on 1k rep
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Congrats on 1k rep.
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Congratulations on 1k rep my dude! Trying to get to 200 rep myself lol.
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Congrats on 1k rep!
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congrats on the 1k rep bro. overtook me and then left me behind. hope to see you at your future goals real soon
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damn congrats bro

thats a lot
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