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chef remy
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Big Gordon 100%
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Man I laughed so hard as this post not trying to hate but why TF would anybody choose Gordon Ramsey lmao I respect him for how he started from nothing and got to where he is by Dedication and Hard work guy never gave in even when Hells Kitchen was almost a flop at first, But c'mon all the great chefs of the world jees

I'd chose Heston Blumenthol guys a creative genius but I could also choose loads of others Ramsey being last unless it's scrambled eggs lmao

Thanks for the lols good post
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Gordon Ramsey all day
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Salt Bae ( no idea what his actual name is)

i love steak
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Gordon Ramsey of course.
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Guy Fieri so I can be taken to flavor town
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Gordon Ramsey, just so I can tell him it was bloody disgusting and that my dog wouldn't even eat it.
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Whoevers grandmother Yung gravy talks about. I hear she makes fire stuffing and I love me some stuffing

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I would love Gordon Ramsay to make me some eggs benedict I never had it lol. I saw one of his videos on YouTube and I was like "that looks amazing!"
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