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its been 6 years and I'm still here, what the **** am I doing with my life guys.

The first day I joined this site, all I wanted to accomplish was to achieve the most badges on the site and I guess you can say I Almost did that as I was first, beating Mortar and Brigand for only a day or so until they were granted more badges to their collection. Now, I find this site as another home to come and relax. This community is great and hope to be here for another 6 years.... if Sean doesn't **** up.

Anyways, Cheers to another 6 years.

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i love you sweet prince

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Congrats OG Tom
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Congrats tom
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You'll always be a ttg bitch ;)
Jokes aside, congrats on the 6.
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Cheers ya little betch
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Congratulations on 6 years of being bitchmade Tom.

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Congrats buddy
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Congrats my man love ya bud
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Congrats Tom on 6 years!
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