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Hello im going to try to mod my 360 and i need some help. I got jr v2 programmer and dont know what else i need. I ordered a matrix glitcher but cancelled it cuz wasnt sure if its what i needed. Will the matrix glitcher and matrix trinity version work? I noticed the coolrunner chips plug right into the jr programmer will the jr v2 programmer work on matrix chips even though theres nowhere to plugin? Should i just get the coolrunner cr4 glitch chip?
Apart from the jr v2 programmer and a coolrunner cr4 what else do i need? I heard something about an xecutr qb chip do i need that? Bassicly i am hoping someone will tell me everything i need to mod my 360 Thanks
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Are you modifying a slim or a phat Xbox 360? If you're modding a phat then I'd say use a coolrunner rev c, and if you're modding a slim then I'd get an ace v3.
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