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what i hate about where i live the crappy cold -70c winters and 100+c summers(yes people canada gets really hot) i hate the cold and i hate the melting heat, i hate the immigration bs mr trudoe or how ever you spell his last name is doing, i hate that they are giving jobs to these 3rd worlders and homes instead of giving bums and people kicked out of their parents place at a young age a home and jobs, could list alot i hate, last one i hate is the city and most of the people here, hate the city the most though as they arent even fixing the roads and just wasting tax payers money on stupid sh*t, i hate the fact that theres really no electronic stores in a popular city in canada.

what i like about where i live i know most of the areas of by heart minus downtown and all the way down to the east end, where i live is just quiet with some dogs barking and howling, and whats not so quiet is the deadly wind storm that is still happening or did happen yesterday, and some places i like to go to, thats about it really of the hate and like
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I love the cold weather

I really hate the roads my city was like built on a swamp so the roads always crack and break
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It is in the country side and very quiet but that makes it difficult to get about and to cities to socialise with my friends.
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that it was negative 50 about a week and a half ago and we had a polar vortex

never move to illinois
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I live in Florida. I love the beaches, the warm weather, and all the activities around Orlando. I strongly dislike the insane amount of tourists.
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I live in Berlin and I love that Berlin is a dirty but honest city and every bode can have a good time

We dont have all that fake stuff other cities have.
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I live in Oklahoma it's just flat here.
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The weather is consistently changing...
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It's a safe place to live, yet also a boring place.
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4 days ago it was 70, then 20, then 40, Then 10 and raining, Then 20 and raning, Then snowing, Then 40+ winds and still rain....

Marijuana is still illegal.

My city is known for previous epidemics that Im too embarrassed to list.

Nothing to do here

No job opportunity's.

I dont want to sound like Im complaining, but remember you asked lol.
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