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today is the day i can call myself a sensei

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I worked so hard trying to get it but I also had so much fun posting

i'd like to thank Saki, Ethan and petite they kept giving me kind words throughout my journey so big thanks to them and everyone else who encouraged me now cus it's the anime badge....

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anyway i love u all <3

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Congrats man,
Well deserved badge.
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Congrats on Sensei bro. You work hard for that shit.
Well deserved
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Congrats my anime master well deserved <3

Nah for real through congrats loke u well deserved dat badgio :haha:

I'm drunk bro ly
Ly dood
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Congrats Loke on your new badge! You deserve it
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Congrats kiddo
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It's about damn time. No one deserves it more. Congrats on being a certified dweeb.
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Yeah...something seems to be missing still.

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congrats dudette
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