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So today I wanted to talk about a few "Adventure" shows that I enjoyed

ok, so this show I watched back at the end of 2016 while it was airing still that show is Flip Flappers now I know a lot of people got completely turned off from this show I almost did too. For me right after the first ep was released and I watched it I really did not think I was gonna watch anymore but for whatever reason, I just wanted to finish it and I am glad I did. The art in the show is weird but everything else I did find enjoyable it kind of has that slow and peaceful feel throughout the show that I really enjoyed it did take longer than usual for me to get engaged into the show because of the art but after a few episodes, I got hooked. I do think the art style really does complement the overall feel to the show. So if you have skipped this show for whatever reason I do encourage you to give it a shot the feel to the show was just really relaxing for me. also that ending song tho

now this next show is an older show and that is InuYasha this show is a long one but I did enjoy it quite a bit it was first aired at the end of 2000 but for a show that is a little over 18 years old the art and animation definitely aged well. I watched InuYasha in about 2015 overall I found the show easy to watch so for people just getting into anime this is one I would recommend. I thought the story was well written and very interesting. The theme and characters kept me glued to the screen. Now for as many episodes InuYasha has the amount of filler is low and even the filler it does have they really isn't that terrible I did not have any trouble watching it really. so if you enjoy action/ adventure shows or looking to get into them this is a great place to start.

anyway I know there are a lot more good shows that I didn't talk about but these are just the 2 that I had on my mind at this moment.

so now I want to know what are some "Adventure" animes that you enjoyed?

hope you all have a good day

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InuYasha is definitely a must watch I didn't dig the art style at first but honestly towards the middle I got used to it and it helped me enjoy the show a lot more, I would recommend this one to anyone!
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