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hell yeah it does i dont remember not one time me having money and being upset or depressed lol
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If I had more than enough money, I could travel wherever I want. Life is all about experiences, so adventure and travel would make me pretty happy. Not to mention the girl I love is in another country, so If I had enough money to just go there and not have to worry about a job, that'd be even better.

Short answer: Yes.
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When you think of the all the famous and rich celebrity's that have passed due to mental health it's not all about money. It can buy you nice things, make you comfortable, provide security but the mind is more complicated than that. Temporary happiness is not the same thing.
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nope, already financially stable, and i seem to just want more.
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People say No
But really you need money to do the things that make you happy
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if you don't believe money can buy happiness you're spending the money wrong...
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I personally believe that you can be happy without having a lot of money, but having money helps you achieve happiness, it helps you go out and do all the things that you want to do. We live in a world where you need money for anything and everything. Doing the things you enjoy more than likely cost money to do.
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well having a lot of money would certainly make me much happier
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