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  • Winter 2020
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So for my birthday my sister got me a manga called Nora from Shounen Jump now at the time I have never heard about it so I knew nothing about it and it sat on my shelf for 3 months and I finally got around to reading it and wow I enjoyed it so much I am currently waiting for the next 3 books to come to my house. I really really was hoping there was an anime for it so I did some research and it was never made so I got a little disappointed because I really enjoyed reading it so I thought hey watching it would be awesome.

So with that being said I thought to myself I wonder what I have been missing just because there isn't an anime adaptation so I was wondering what other good manga should be made into an anime?

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  • Summer 2019
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i have two manga that could work as an show, they were recommend by someone that i can't even remember. The first one is Dorohedoro and the other one is Eden:it's an endless world.
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I am a Hero it has a Live action Adaptation but No anime.And a better Adaptation of Berserk.
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