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Hello, I'm a little late, I joined TheTechGame on the 10th of January, 7 years ago!

Honestly, this is an amazing community and I'm glad to be a part of it, of course there's so many people I'd love to thank for many of reasons, so I'll list a few of them.

Rodent_Modz - I purchased my RGH from him back in February a year or two ago, since then I came back to this community and am very thankful for that.

ZZ9_x_iHaXoRZz - For letting be apart of something big in the community, aswell as just be an all around great dad.

RepBandit - Done my graphics, again motivating me to stay here on the platform and help where I can.

Fold - Helping me get a VPN up and running with a straight forward method for RGH/JTAG that I again shared with the Community.

Dalm - Helped me with some basic stuff when I first got my console, aswell as helping me out with many of other things.

-Simplicity - has helped me out a lot and has also annoyed me when it comes to Chaotic Support, making me do all his work.

Prodigy - This human is a legend and as helped me out a few times

Chris - Just another chill af staff member, but has helped me a few times.

Tricks - Another really chill member of the staff team, has helped push me to milestones over the year. If I remember correctly, pushed me to 600 and 1k.

Jay - a True TTG Legend, known this man for a long time, whilst we've barely spoke, I can say I respect and appericate him for what he's done and achieved here on the site.

< Everyone inside the Shoutbox >
< Anyone that takes part in Chaotic >
< Anyone who's supported my topics, this falls under, my Name List on Gold Section, vbucks Method or anything else I've posted >


If you're not on my list, it's not because I do not like you or you've not helped me, it's because it's 3:30AM and I can't remember everyone's name, but I appericate anything you've done to help or support me

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Congrats on 7 years and happy to have you here
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Congrats on 7 years and glad we are still friends off site.
Keep being you fam!
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Chat you're one of the best members on the site, that's for sure.
Congrats on 7 years man, welcome to the club
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Congrats bud. Welcome to the 7 year club!

And also

[10:33:38] Chat: Forums/p=402...l#40263307 I want all your sluts rep, right now k thanks

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Congrats to 7 years dude
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Congrats on the 7 years son. Crazy to think that we became friends because of modding lol.
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Grats on 7 years, met you a few weeks ago and you seem like a really chill guy, hope to get to know you abit more in the future

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Congrats on 7 years !
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