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So we've all been there. We get super invested into a character just to have them killed off in the series. Sometimes too soon, sometimes unexpectedly, sometimes for that perfect depressing ending.

I'm wondering what animes you guys have watched that you wanted to share that really hit you in the feels. I want to read them and if they sound heart wrenching I will watch the anime!

Use spoilers if necessary!

I make this topic as I just finished the 3rd episode of Sword Art Online and it got really depressing.

Having a character in an anime have depression or seeing a suicide attempt can really make my heart race. I feel like I am right there telling them no. This episode felt special because it touched on death more than a regular show would. Being afraid to die is something that a lot of people struggle with, especially if you have depression, and I think they did a really good job compelling that.

Write Away!

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Hmm.. first anime that comes to my head is Your Lie in April

A Silent Voice is also a pretty good movie.
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girls bravo
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I know I've meme'd Akame ga Kill a lot but in episode 23 when (JUMBO SPOILER)
Tatsumi sacrificed himself to save the towns people and Akame hugged his nearly dead carcass. It caught me off guard; like yeah the anime is called Akame ga Kill but Tatsumi is the main character no denying that. I didn't expect him to die, especially not randomly like that.

There were a few times I got misty eye'd during Naruto too. Ending really killed me, not because it was particularly fantastic but because an anime I've literally been watching since I was about 7 finally came to a close. It was like a chapter of my life ending damn RIP
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Clannad after story,Violet Evergarden,Assasination Classroom and One Piece

Spoilers for One Piece
When Ace Died at Marineford he is one of my favourite one piece characters and just to see how much it affected Luffy.
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Assassination Classroom, Angel Beats, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, and SAO S2. Mother's Rosario, man.
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Big mirai nikki and akame ga kill spoil

honestly when in mirai nikki when yunos dad was never home and her mom was abusing her locking her in cages and trying to make her a perfect person I kinda teared up a little like this person made her starve and force fed her inedible stuff and like her father didn't agree but yet he did nothing to stop her but hey At least yuno locked them into the cage even tho she forgot to check on them and they died. God I want to watch mirai nikki again

Also when Chelsea died in akame Ga kill and Saki posted pictures and memes of her lollipop that really really hurt me deep down teared up a lil also
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SAO season 1 spoilers

I just watched the episode of SAO where Kirito and Asuna get married. They move away and take a break from the game. I loved this episode because it kind of just shows how love is supposed to be. They show pictures of them at an apple orchard and doing fun things. Going on a walk and picnic and stuff. I love watching this shit! Lol I dont know why but its so relaxing. Now to find out they might have a CHILD?!?! Its lit! It puts me in my feels because it reminds me to take the time to be genuine with my girlfriend
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