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Hey everyone,

I've been tasked with helping my girlfriend find a new laptop. We're from New Zealand and her budget is ~2500NZD/1700USD. Ideally she would spend a little bit less than that but it's not the end of the world if it's on the upper end of the range or even a bit over.

Battery life isn't too important unless it's unreasonably poor, and the laptop can't be too bulky or it'll be too heavy for her to carry all day. OS needs to be Windows, with a screen size of 13"-15". The most important thing is that she is able to run the programs she needs for work/uni without issues, and that the laptop is quick. SSD is a must (does a PCIe equivalent exist for laptops? if so that would be ideal).

Below are the main programs she would need to run quickly - her current laptop is far too slow.

Rendering on Solidworks (3D Modelling software), Anaconda for Python coding, Visual Studio, Matlab, Visual Studio Code, Power BI

If any more info is required please just let me know. Thanks for reading!
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The Dell XPS 13 and 15 are very nice and are within that price range and can definitely get your needs done.
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The thing about a laptop is you don't really have to spend over $1100 to get peak performance on a work station, because you're limited on space.

So realistically you could get away with one of these.

This [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] has an i7 which will be great for gfx work and multitasking and a high end gfx card (GTX1050) that could render all your high res 3d models. Has a 128GB SSD for fast booting, and a 1TB HDD for all the storage you could need. Might be a little low for the type of work you're doing but you could always get an external if its that big of a deal.. This laptop is the high end of what you're looking for, for WAY below your budget.

HOWEVER, if you wanted to spend that money regardless... this [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] is absolutely incredible. The display is top of the market, has speeds that eclipse almost all high end gaming laptops, great battery life, 512GB SSD.... need I go on?

The dude above who suggested the XPS13/15.... that's not exactly a bad idea, but the XPS are overpriced right now. I wouldn't pay 1200 for an XPS15 before I spend 1200 on the ASUS Zenbook considering the ASUS beats it or matches in literally every benchmark.
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Hi, did your girlfriend bought a new laptop? Cause I've read some reviews about [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] . Maybe this reviews can help you and your girl decide on what laptop you'll buy
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