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So AppNET was down for a few days and I got bored of not having a mod tool so I started looking around and found Chaotic360. I have not purchased it yet but after doing a little bit of research it looks like it would be a better tool for COD. I know it has more options but do all of these options work or are a lot of the options bugged out. What do you guys think about the two tools? Which one is better? Now that AppNET is back up and running should I still purchase Chaotic360?
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Both tools are very good as I own both. Chaotics options 99% of them work they have an amazing staff team and a discord server for support they listen to their customers feedback and ideas and implement things they (the customers) want on the tool and on their discord server there is a report a bug channel where you can let them know about things in the tool that aren't working and the staff will troubleshoot with you to see if it's just you or if it's the tool they will fix it right away where as AppNet support has a severe lack, however it is a great tool. Both good tools man just Chaotic had far better support.
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