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So I wanna cop a new pair of Air Force 1s and I usually wear them with cuffed tracksuit bottoms but I wanna wear them with jeans now what type of jean do I wear with them not sure tbh any help thanks
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Whatever jeans you want and f**k what anyone says.
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Anything but bootcut
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Any kind of black jeans slim fit would look clean
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jncos ofc
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Any type of jeans look good with air forces. In my opinion only wear cuff jeans when your wearing certian shoes (I only wear cuffed jeans when I wear my AJ1s or Yeezys. But other than that mostly any type of jeans will go with them.
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Lucky Brand jeans are a gift from god!

This is coming from someone who hates pants and hasn't owned/wore pants in years
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honestly joggers do the trick, or some sweat pants.
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