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Chief called he said this is it
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Yet wrote
Can't believe it's already been another year, time is really flying.

I wish everyone reading this, along with the rest of TTG, to have a great Christmas.

Hopefully you guys get what you ask for, and have a great time with your family, or whoever you spend your Christmas with!

Have a good one

(that badge sure does look nice ;)
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I'd love to enter this!

TTG was the reason I started gaming and been active on this site since I joined.

I'll be doing a couple giveaways soon so keep your eyes open

Hope everyone has a good Christmas!
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Id love to enter this! Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!
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I see myself gifting at least 1 person this month, birthday on the 18th so probably will get round to it then!
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Would be great to get gold again. Been inactive as I recently became a father so I'll hopefully be more active if and when I can!

Happy holidays everyone!
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I'll enter for this year again
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Don't want the gold but thanks for ya'll in volunteering to pitch in. TheTechGame has a great community as always <3
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Merry Christmas to everyone at TheTechGame, amazing how so many people join together to do their part here!
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Happy holidays everyone!

Love the time and effort put into these contests

Keep it up <3
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