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Sorry, our BO4 cheat is no longer available to the public!

Visit our website to purchase our Apex Legends cheat!

Apex Legends cheat customers are provided access to our private PC cheat collection.

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PC Apex Legends Mod Menu Info

This thread was last updated on March 31, 2019

Apex Legends Cheat Created: February 12
Apex Legends Cheat Status: Undetected Since Launch
Apex Legends - Number of Bans: 0
Purchase Apex Legends Cheat Here:

As of writing this on March 31, 2019 - GatorCheats is the only Apex Legends cheat sold across all cheating forums to have never been detected once or caused one ban.

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Welcome to GatorCheats!

The #1 & Only Undetected Apex Legends Cheat on the Web That Has Been Undetected Since Launch

We are the best in quality and safety and revolve our business around our PC cheats unlike other sellers who get ban reports often and come from websites that sell Xbox and PlayStation services. These other sellers focus on console sales and want to tap into the PC market by reselling commonly known low tier cheats at a higher price. Going with GatorCheats means you are buying from a website with owners who have been selling PC exclusive cheats since 2008 and who solely focus on the products you are buying.

Don't settle for low quality cheats that come in and out of detection constantly when you can go with GatorCheats. GatorCheats ensures you a crash free experience with flawless features and a very low chance of detection ever happening - we have been selling our Apex Legends Cheat for over a month and have had 0 bans as a result of our cheat. Our last cheat for Black Ops 4 was sold publicly with no verification or regulation and went 3 1/2 months without a single ban, even from reports. With Apex Legends, 3 1/2 months won't cut it for us, as we are selling to users we verify only. To get verified, simply purchase on our website (you will not be charged yet) and follow through our guided verification process to gain access to purchasing the cheat. This process usually takes one hour as of our new system implemented March 13, 2019. By selling to users we verify only, we ensure that the cheat has a great chance of never getting detected.

Apex Legends Mod Menu Options

Aim Key (Custom)
Lock On Target (ON/OFF)
Aimbot FOV (Custom)
Aimbot Smoothness (Custom)
Aimbot Tracking Time (Custom)
Aimbot Bone (Head/Neck/Chest/Etc)
Recoil Reduction (Custom)

Enemy Player ESP Boxes (ON/OFF)
Enemy Player Names (ON/OFF)
Enemy Player Health Bar (ON/OFF)
Enemy Player Distance (ON/OFF)
Team Check (Always On)

Draw FOV Size (Always On)

Aim Key (Any Key - Custom)



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Shrarx, post: 13918096, member: 1464155 wrotei highly recommend to give it a shot, really perfect cheat with multiple options, smooth, easy to use, and fun to play with, but most importantly the great support on discord! Keep up the good work Gator

Boooyca, post: 13918101, member: 1445828 wroteCouldn't agree more. The amount of joy on his apex cheat is unbelievable & the good part is it hasn't been detected compare to the cheats providers out there. Defiantly worth every single penny for it .

soniccrushedice, post: 13918106, member: 1364166 wroteIf you are looking for a ESP & Aimbot cheat for Apex Legends, then look no further. Gatorcheats has a fantastic, easy to setup and easy to use custom mod menu that includes both Aimbot and ESP. I will detail the setup it took for me along with my review. Keep in mind this cheat was recently updated this morning and is even smoother/better.

The hardest part in the past was disabling secure boot loader but my new PC bios/motherboard already has that function from the get-go so I was able to bypass that part. After that, you purchase the cheat from - immediately I was notified how to download the loader with Username and Password. Then, you put on a flash drive or wherever you'd like for security. You will need to make exclusion on your windows defender so it doesn't think you are loading a virus (I assure you it is not a virus). Make sure all programs are closed including origin. You should also remove Geforce Experience from your computer for this. Right click - run as admin and it's all gravy from here. You just follow the instructions. Open up Origin as ADMIN and then go into the game. Press insert to use bring up the menu (it will appear on the left), use the curser arrows to move around. Right arrow to set your aimbot button. Also, you may tweak settings (I don't). Press insert again to remove it from your screen and then you are ready to GO!!!!

Overall it is flawless and undetected. 10 out of 10 rating for ESP and aimbot, this thing is INSANE. I bought the lifetime because I trust him as a developer/coder, but he does offer non-lifetime subscriptions. Good luck and have fun!

FullCourseMeal, post: 13918146, member: 1368328 wroteWhere do I begin? The owner of is probably one of, if not the best cheat distributor. There is always a worry when spending a sizable chunk of money. Once you get in contact with Gator that worry is gone. Now like every person, he has responsibilities. Do not, like most people, freak out and spam him for a refund after 5 minutes. He will get to you as soon as possible. I myself am guilty of this. Let me tell you now, it does not speed up the process. Regardless, he is extremely patient. I can't recall a time when I ever thought he was rude in any way. That's something you don't get out of any other cheat distributer.

Now for the cheat. The moment I got the email I was ecstatic. Most of the time you need the cheat developer to help you set it up and even then you run into problems. Take HyperCheats for example. They have been detected twice and gotten there user base banned. I'm not here to diss HyperCheats, but comparing them to Gator is impossible. Gator's cheats are extremely simple to set up and his quality builds are always undetected and never fail to impress. The ESP ( wallhacks for those who are unaware ) is amazing. You can see enemy players from a extremely far distance away. Not only that, but you can also see their health. So you get a good idea when to push. Everyone's favorite, aimbot. The aimbot in this cheat is what got me 400 kills in one day. The aimbot is perfect and can be toned down if you are trying to hide it. You are able to bring up a menu to customize your settings in game which is a huge help hide it if need be.

This service is something that truly can not be beat be any other company out there. It is the best built, managed, and updated cheat there is. If for some reason you encounter any problem with the cheat, Gator works with you to fix the problem. I truly can't name another website that comes close to beating this in any degree. I wrote this review for anyone is considering buying, actually buying, or just simply browsing, to show that what happens here is only the best.

TheDoctor77, post: 13918261, member: 1453357 wroteThis is by far the best Hack for Apex out right now. No detections and great aimbot The ESP is great and it super accurate. I would reccomend this to anyone. Buy the lifetime menu. Apex is here to stay and you will be glad you bought it 10/10 rating.

Krispi, post: 13918278, member: 1239899 wroteMans is hot. Best one out and the customer service is dumb nice. MAD PROPS.

guicrs, post: 13918308, member: 1452669 wroteHere is a little story:

I'm a long time cheater (I'm an old guy, my reflexes aren't the same and I like the idea I can buy my victories when playing) and Apex Legends Mod Menu by GatorCheats has been the apex of my cheating experience (maybe only second to Warframe's Wallhax software) in a very long while after having so many deceptions trying to get stuff from other providers for multiple games - and getting hardware bans, complex and long bypassing and spoofing instructions, frequently crashing games... God... Cheating had become more of a hassle than anything.

Until I've known about Gator from these forums, Fortnite thread to me more precise. At that first moment I wasn't very lucky though - god knows what happened to my purchase info and Gator seemed overwhelmed with work at the time, so I ended up without a hack and without my money. Man, I was pissed.

Life went on until I heard about Apex Legends through Gator's Discord (some cheat was in development) and went to find some info about it. Downloaded tbe game, had a blast and even won some matches but I wanted more.

So I went and ordered the Apex Legends Mod Menu from his site and tried to contact him through discord. On the same day I received all the info and link to the software as well as all the info needed to use it. Plus, I got extra time for the money I had paid and seemingly lost in the past as Gator remembered the issue I ended up having.

Now to the cheat:

1. ESP: guess either you have it ir you don't, not much else to describe - colors used are good and visible on all circumstances, distance ESP helps a lot, as well as health ESP to pick those poor souls nearing death.

2. Aimbot: boy it was already good before today's update, showing some issues on hitbox detection when too close to the target, but still allowing me to do 15-18 kills per match. After the update this is plain nuts - you just mown down people fast and precisely with no downsides I'm yet aware of.

3. Costumer Service: great, all that was needed was dealt with fast. Gator shows he's really passionate and proud of his programming - and he does have reasons for it.

4. Detection: it's undetected! What else is there to it?

Recommended all the way. Will subscribe once its over until I get bored of the game and find the next one, hopefully with some Gator cheats for it.

RorangeApples, post: 13918357, member: 1464191 wroteESP Performance:
ESP works great. Its very easy to see where the enemies are located. On the ESP you can toggle their name and HP which is really helpful when multiple people are in the area.

Aimbot Performance:
Works just like an aimbot should but the further away the enemies is the more it misses but you rarely run into that problem.

Ease of Use:
Setting up the loader is extremely easy. Simple menu that can be toggled on and off. No crashes from the cheat since release from me.

Final thoughts:
Probably the best menu that is still undetected since release. If you ever have a problem Gator is there in his private discord ready to help whenever you run into a problem. Highly recommend looking at his store and purchasing these cheats.

Short video showing a few kills with the cheats


D3skstool, post: 13918384, member: 1459483 wroteWanted to give a brief review of GatorCheats's Apex Legends service.

I'm extremely happy with the product Gator has produced.

The cheat runs very smoothly and I haven't had any issues as of yet!

The aimbot is exceptional, as someone who has tested many Apex cheats, I can assure you his is the best.

And as far as security goes! Outstanding.

Gator works hard on his products and it shows, I must also applaud his recent revamping of his support! Very much improved and I know his users appreciate it, do not hesitate to do business with him!

Additionally, I know I don't have much of a rep on this site so I can't post a link, but you can look up my profile from The Tech Game so you can see I'm actually a reputable person vouching here.


tnad, post: 13918441, member: 1001686 wroteI have been using for around 6 months now never once had a problem. I originally used bo4 and was so happy to see him release apex legends and have to say I'm overwhelmingly happy with it.

ESP 9\10
As I have used many different cheats for a vast array of games the esp is very good. I have never personally had a problem with it freezing or not showing up on certain enamines. I would love to see in the future item esp but as this cheat and game came out not long ago its understandable that he wants to make sure everything is safe for his users first. Overall esp is fantastic.

Aimbot 10\10
If I had posted this review a few days ago I would have given it a 7\10 but with the new update he dropped the aimbot it flawless close and long range. very impressed with the results he managed to push out in a very short time and still make sure its safe to use.

Support 10\10
The support is next to non in this community. if you have any questions as I have and I'm sure I can be annoying to him at times he gets back to everyone as fast as possible, I honestly don't understand how he has time to respond to everyone and still make a outstanding cheat but very happy he does so!

Overall 9\10
Would I recommend this cheat to you absolutely as it is early on things are still being added but at the speed in witch its being added it wont be long before he gets it to the top undetected cheat on the market for apex. If you were considering purchasing I would have to say go for it. I doubt you'll have any regrets.

Crisco_Mcnasty, post: 13918736, member: 43817 wroteGators Legit

Can post any and all proof from my dealings with him.

A quick google search for his site will show hes been at this for quite a while and has been delivering quality products.

Communication is really good with him as well which is rare with many of the cheat providers

Soldier, post: 13920178, member: 114849 wroteHuge vouch from me, Gator! I've used alot of hacks/cheats and this is easily Top 2, NO crashes at all(other than a small issue that is now fixed), incredibly stable. Honestly the aimbot is amazingly well done also, all it needs is a loot ESP and its perfect tbh. Well worth the money!

Vortex_Swift, post: 13920917, member: 1233690 wroteReview:

Use: 10/10
Easy to use just run one file and ur good to go. No jumping through hoops like some other loaders

Price: 8/10 bit expensive but good if you have the money spare worth it 100%

Undetected: 10/10 not been detected once been playing for 12hrs plus today!

Settings: 9/10 would be nice to have a disable aimbot button apart from that you can edit settings to look as legit as you want.

Skill: 10/10 who needs to practice to get skill in games? Makes u look and play like a pro

Overall - if you got the money spare and like to cheat 100% worth it.

monk3yondamk, post: 13921194, member: 1464622 wroteESP performance is pretty spot on. There are some issues where the distance may fluctuate between accurate and inaccurate, the box size usually does tell you how close the enemies are. The health bars are accurate. Overall, ESP is pretty spot on.

The aimbot works flawlessly for me. You can adjust the aimbot with any settings that you want to your liking. I have nothing but praise for how the aimbot functions. No bugs, no issues, works at any range.

Gator's Apex cheat is easy to use. Users are sent a link to help explain all the components and functions, and customer support is very good right now. The cheat works amazing, and there are no issues with in-game performance. Any issues that occur will be taken care of. Gator is extremely professional and proficient in his support.

1x1x0x0x1x0, post: 13924583, member: 1441460 wroteThis might be one of the best cheats I've ever used.

Aimbot 9/10 It depends on the settings you use but even when its low its still good :biggrin:

Detection 10/10 been playing for over 2 hours and its great!

GUI 9/10 its small and simple and thats what I love

Price is debatable but I would say its worth for the lifetime! Considering this will be updated and even after the new update it still works undetected! Hope to see more from Gator and you will not regret getting this!

pashy mashy, post: 13929584, member: 1465868 wrote10/10 for performance
10/10 for stability
10/10 for reliability
10/10 for security

By FAR the best out there! It is worth the wait in gold.

TheSlowKid, post: 13929608, member: 1465875 wroteI've had the hack for over 10 days now and it's been awesome so far! Very pleased with the aimbot and ESP but you do have to be smart with your aim key. There is no vis-check so you will lock on to things if you aren't paying attention. So just don't be an idiot

To those waiting please be patient, it is well worth the wait!

Curatorr, post: 13929622, member: 1465882 wroteI've used a few hacks/cheats in my time in gaming. None have warranted the effort of a review, until GatorCheats. Simply put, this is a quality service. No doubt about it. You will not regret it if you have the money to spend.

Use: 10/10. Just follow the few instructions that there are. It is extremely easy to use. Open the file provided and you are practically good to go. No jumping through unnecessary steps like some other providers.

Price: 8/10. Feels a bit on the pricey, but quality comes at a cost, and for what you are getting it is worth the purchase.

Aimbot: 10/10. Absolutely fantastic. Very flexible, plenty of settings, you can go almost legit or full rage hack depending on what your feeling and all it takes is a few clicks of a button. Easy to adjust, easy to use, very fun.

Wallhack/ESP: 10/10. Again, just beautiful. Not too in your face, or hard to tell. Little red box around all the players so you can easily tell where people are even from a distance, has all the information you could need, again, very flexible and quite a few settings. Great stuff.

Detection: 10/10: There have been several ban waves for the game. Gator has plenty of users and out of all of them, NONE have been detected. At all. I personally have played the game for over 50 hours with absolutely no issue. And even on the off chance that you are detected, it is a free to play game, easy enough to make another account. Regardless, this may be the services greatest selling point. Security. Very, very good security. It takes some time, as you might be able to tell from some of the other posts on this thread about time and such, but it is worth it.

Looks: 10/10: Sleek, and easy to put away when you don't need it. All the controls and settings have an easy to follow guide and almost everything can be bound or adjusted as you desire.

All around, as I said at the beginning, great stuff. If this keeps up it was worth every cent. I personally have had nothing but good experiences with Gator. Trustworthy, don't be dissuaded.

Turooks, post: 13929634, member: 1453044 wroteGator Cheats is the way to go if you're serious about cheating. The cheats that he puts out are always quality content and apex legends is prime example of this. Everything works flawlessly and its being improved constantly. It might take some time to get the cheat initially set up, but when you do it will be definitely worth it. 9.5/10 You wont regret your purchase.

EviLPrime, post: 13929647, member: 1452707 wroteGator Cheats is the way to go if you're serious about cheating. The cheats that he puts out are always quality content and apex legends is prime example of this. Everything works flawlessly and its being improved constantly. It might take some time to get the cheat initially set up, but when you do it will be definitely worth it. 9.5/10 You wont regret your purchase.

helloimblah, post: 13929668, member: 1465891 wroteI've been a customer of Gators for a few months for two different games. If you want an undetected apex legend hack then here it is. My thoughts:

Overall Functionality/Compatibility - 10/10. This cheat worked fine with my comp when others weren't supported for my i9-9900k. Problems with the cheat are very rare. My game doesn't crash, lag, or do anything strange.

ESP - 9/10. Screen isn't cluttered, the boxes and health bars are small. Gives you exact enemy locations every time. Only reason I give it a 9 instead of 10 is the missing vis check. He may add it however.

Aimbot/No Recoil - 10/10. I use it more as an aim assist with very high smooth and low fov settings which you can customize. You can easily rage if you want to. This would also benefit from vischeck, but I wouldn't complain about that - if you pay attention to what you're doing then it doesn't matter.

I recommend his service. I like Gator and hope this guy does well as he has provided me with endless hours of noob melting.

Leaf6, post: 13930770, member: 1465892 wroteI was honestly skeptical at first, mainly due to the lack of (or, rather, not readily available) information regarding the cheat itself, and also the people who expressed their concerns about the wait-time and the lack of communication. But I also witnessed some of those same people later retract their own statements and write a review, which got me curious, to say the least. I decided to go for it.

All I'll say is that in retrospect the wait was worthwhile and they definitely have valid reasons for the relatively long delivery time.

The ESP is simple and visual clarity is great, it does not clutter up your screen much. It doesn't struggle to keep up with fast-moving players. Not much else to say!

The aimbot, in my opinion, is what makes it shine. It's buttery smooth, responsive, and the prediction is on point. I end up frequently letting go of the aimbot key while firing because otherwise it lands too many shots (I don't rage). You get the usual options to configure the aimbot, so you can tweak it to your liking; I'm still working on finding a setting that suits my playstyle. The recoil control can also be tweaked, which is always a welcome feature.

Setup was painless for me, I just run it before firing up Origin. I didn't run into any errors, BSODs, or crashes and the cheat itself didn't ever malfunction in any way.

I would consider this cheat perfect for my needs if visibility checks get added later on. If GatorCheats keep this up, I will gladly buy from them again for future games.

Seaji, post: 13930846, member: 1465865 wroteFor the people with doubts! (I was one of them) I'm a first time customer and now I won't go anywhere else!

To be completely honest this is worth every cent! The amount of effort put into this cheat is phenomenal! I was very skeptic and very anxious for paying a premium price but in return I was given a premium service! If you're serious about this give gator 100% of your time and attention and you'll be champion in no time!

If you have been fortunate enough to purchase his services I'll give you one bit of advice. Be patient! Gator is a very hard working and genuine person and needs time to send you the product. Don't spam him with emails (I'm guilty of this myself) you will eventually be provided with everything you need.

In regards to the service it is very well maintained, easy to use, flawless and most importantly UNDETECTED! I'm so confident in his services that I use my main account!

If it's your first time give Gator a go! You won't regret it!

- Seaji

Soldier, post: 13931746, member: 114849 wroteJust posting a little update here to say that I hit level 100 using this, started using this when I was level 3. As far as I know, this is the only cheat/hack that's been undetected since release. So think about that before you look anywhere else.

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Re-vouch new account for a trusted seller with a long history of doing well on here the account is fresh due to a change in sale type.
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Thank god this isnt on console,I really wasn't looking forward to everyone running around with aimbot but nonetheless GLWS!
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Thank god this isnt on console,I really wasn't looking forward to everyone running around with aimbot but nonetheless GLWS!
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Didn't take long for mods to come out

Good luck with sales bro
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Wooow 1 post and trusted nice account sir and good luck with sells
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SquadisBack wroteWooow 1 post and trusted nice account sir and good luck with sells

This is why:
Sean wroteRe-vouch new account for a trusted seller with a long history of doing well on here the account is fresh due to a change in sale type.

Anyways thanks! We hope our software & services can be an a good addition to what's offered on TTG.
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Good luck with sells
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Legit Very professional guy here ! Do not hesitate to do business with him .
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Waiting on delivery.
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