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Well, this post has been a long time coming. I'm not super active, but I am very proud to be an 8 year member. I spent a LOT 'active' time on the forum up through 2014 and I enjoyed it. I still love coming back here every couple of weeks just to look at what has changed and how much bigger (in terms of membership) the site has become. Of all the time I've spent here I have a few people who's names still come to my head every time I come back to the site. My thanks to them. NickxMods for finding me in a random cod 4 lobby on the 360 while live hosting an XP lobby and remembering who I was from his minecraft server that the old Carlooch (who probably doesn't remember me to well) and him ran. Icy-Tank for being a real cool dude back in the day he ran the best modded 360 shop and I remember when he first got moderator and worked his way up to admin. Great dude. riskysquid not a very well known member but back in the day we had wayyy to much fun doing [email protected] modded zombie and 10th prestige lobbies. Wouldn't trade that time for anything. Well there were a few others, but over the years growing up and becoming an adult with bills and living on my own with my girlfriend and living my own life I always wind up coming back here, to the roots of my online gaming life. Back when glitching, boosting, and modding Cod and other games was one of the biggest things on here. Still glad to see the community thriving and I'll never forget the good times I've had on here. Sorry for the not so pretty post for the big 8 year mark, but I just wanted to express my thanks to all the people I've had the pleasure of talking to here over the years. And thank you to Sean for starting this wonderful community.

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I enjoyed reading your post. Also congratulation!
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Glad to see how important TTG is to you. We're one huge family, congrats on 8 years dude, see you at #9
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Congratulations man how time flys!
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Congrats on 8 years! Hope to see you around for many more
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Congrats! Any 6year + members are old as hellnow haha
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been a crazy 8 years here on TTG!

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Congrats on 8 years man!
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Congrats man
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Congrats on 8 years lad.

I remember you from back in the glory days.
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