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So, a year ago today I reconnected with one of my high school best friends, Kyle. After catching up on everything and etc, he told me I should join this forum site called The Tech Game. I did and immediately made a post pretty much just asking opinions on a pcpartpicker list I had made for building my first gaming computer. After that, I decided to adventure to the Shoutbox and made a lot of good friends. Some stuck around and some decided to disappear. But, all in all I don't regret joining the site and wish I did sooner so I could have the friendships many of ya'll do. With Thanksgiving coming up soon, I can truly say I am grateful for everyone that has came into my life from TTG. But, of course, it goes without saying I would have never met this hairy butthead if it weren't for TTG. I know plenty of you don't "ship" it but you can eat my butt. ANYWAY WRAPPING THIS UP. I LOVE YOU ALL THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE FOR ME WHEN I WAS DOWN AND THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO ME.

Here's a list of everyone that deserves a thank you
cent even though he hates me
& anyone else who's had like a decent conversation with me

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Matthew- (11-29-2018), Xbox (11-22-2018), Saki (11-20-2018), Kyle (11-20-2018), Sundown (11-19-2018), coolbunny1234 (11-19-2018), Ahri (11-19-2018), Chris (11-18-2018), Mikey (11-18-2018), Luke (11-18-2018)
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Congrats on your first year, cant wait to have another year with you
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Congratulations on this amazing milestone, im glad you enjoy the site as much as I do and hope to see you grow(:
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Glad to see you stick around.

Glad to call you one of my good friends on here too.

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Congratulations on hitting the 1 year mark.
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Congratulations on being here for a year, been great slowly getting to know you
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That gif is horrible quality.

Grats. NYC when?
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I legit don't even know who you are

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wow that long already! glad to to have a close friend in the community glad you enjoy this site as well!
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Elijah wroteThat gif is horrible quality.

Grats. NYC when?

when i get like 5 grand
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