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Hey guys, so I recently set my RGH back up yesterday. I updated the dash and all that. My only trouble is connecting Xbox 360 Neighborhood. I live in barracks so the wifi is unlike traditional one's that you would find in a home. It requires me to add the system's MAC address to my account with the service that provides my wifi (Boingo Wireless). It's similar to hotel wifi and such. Anyways, I have my lap top and RGH connected to the same wifi network and I've added both system's MAC address to my account to authenticate them, but I am still having trouble connecting Xbox Neighborhood to my RGH.

I have all the plugins necessary for connection. If anyone could help that would be really great!

Thank you!


I've tried using the IP from both network settings and XeX Menu and neither worked sadly.

Any other suggestions?

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Try typing in the rgh ip address rather than just 'jtag'
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You should be able to go into XeX menu and find an IP address there use that IP instead of using JTAG

I couldn't use the one found on the dashboard the only ip that would work was the one found in XeX menu
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Appreciate both of you. Will try pulling the IP from XeX menu and trying that
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If you still need help feel free to send me a msg on discord:
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