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Tonight at 11:23pm my beautiful girlfriend gave me the best gift anyone could give !

It was such a quick labour at just 39 minuets but we are so happy she is finally her

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Dude that's freaking wild
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Congratulations man, I'm sure you'll be a great father. Good luck raising her buddy!
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Awesome man!
Congrats and God bless.
Having a child and knowing that you made that, is mind-blowing.
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Holy shit mate, super congrats to you. Great name choice too.
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Congrats man, Im sure you will be a good dad. Good luck man!
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Wow, congratulations Owen! That is amazing news! I hope you enjoy your new life as a father and hope we see you on TTG at least a little bit.
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Congratulations to you both lad!
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A huge congratulations to you my man, so happy for you and your lady.
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Aayyyyyy congratulations mate, lovely name too
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