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I took a long break from TTG because of school and work, but in honor of returning I finished up my gold gifter badge

Much love for the TTG community, its come a real long way since when I was introduced

oh, and I just reached 100 rep so that's pretty cool

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Mikey (10-18-2018), James (10-18-2018)
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Congrats on your first of probably many cheese blocks. See ya at the next milestone!
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Congratulations man. Hope to see that youre more active now

Gold gifter is something i plan to aim for in the future as well
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Welcome to the club dude. Thanks for supporting the site, and nice new badge!
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Nice job man I'm a little over halfway there! Can't wait to join the club as well
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thanks awesome bud thanks for giving back to the community
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Congrats bro, Well done achieving the badge. hope to see you hit more!
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Welcome to the club mate, and nice new badge you have there.

Thank you for all the gifts you have done.
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Congrats on becoming a Gold Gifter!
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