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GBC wrotewould you rather

Be immortal
Die young-ish (around 50/60)

id rather die youngish as i would hate to see my family die around me

I would rather the same to be completely honest, i couldn't hack it man.
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Die around 60 if i had to, why would you want to be alive when the world ends. Would you die with it or be in an internal suffering???
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Be immortal, it would be pretty cool. Liveforever
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Live a happy life till I'm in 50-60's
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Immortal but youthful forever
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Immortal would be sick
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be immorrtal but only if i could take another person with me
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AMZEunion wrotebe immortal. even if you die around 50-60 years old there's still going to be family dying around ya & I'LL BE like a sex god or something if im immortal & STD free? or maybe one of the main carriers but oh well it wouldn't affect moi because i'd be fukn IMMORTAL

Funniest comment I've seen on this site in a while

I'd also choose immortality as it would be fascinating to see what new technology etc the future holds.
I'm currently taking a masters degree in biotechnology, and I'm optimistic about the future (but also a bit afraid).
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Be immortal then after the nuclear apocalypse I could witness the the regrowth of the earths crust and humanity (only about 3 million years) then become a world ruler of the new world.
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Immortal. I could do so much lool
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