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uhhhh i got a badge while i was playing bo4

i like saki
and everyone in the sb <3
now i have to go get another badge so they are even

ohhh i also got 7k rep unlike that matters or anything but yh

oh and im top 5 most repped users on the site so that's pretty cool

oh and the rep colors got changed to the one i picked sooo ya that is a cool thing

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Congratulations Love on yet another milestone, best of luck on any future ones you wish to achieve.l
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Congrats !
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Congrats dude

Wish I was up there with you but then again it don't mean much anymore I just want the black blocks.

Nice new badge btw.

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good job i guess loke
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Congrats on your badge Loke mate, currently waiting for mine this system is so rigged.
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  • Halloween!
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Congrats pal. Welcome to the club we all swagging out here
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Grats on the new shiny badge!
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