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Happy birthday to him bro
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Happy 1st Birthday mini bandit
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Happy 1st Birthday to the little guy.

Glad you got a dude to kick it with you all them damn girls lmao.

Keep being a great father and user.

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Happy birthday to him! Wish him a wonderful year! My son also recently turned 2 years old couple months ago, time sure flies as if he was just few months ago last week haha. I feel blessed to have a family, its irreplaceable and the number 1 priority
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I wish him a happy birthday, and i wish you and your family the best wishes.
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Holy shit balls! Man time is flying so fast, i remember chatting with you a lot leading up to the birth as we did with Freya (my daughter if you didn't know). She turns 1 on the 8th Feb. 7 months already!!

Huge congrats to you and the Bandito family mate. I cannot wait for my little princess to turn 1, be able to walk/crawl. She's just started saying dadda recently. And being called that is the best feeling in the world.

Sorry i'm late, but happy birthday little bandito. <3
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I'm kinda late, as always, i'm mindblown aswell, just a few months ago we were talking about how he's 10 months old, now he's 1! I'm sure he had a great day! Love you rep
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Congrats and happy birthday to the little one. Many more years to come!
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So happy for you and your family man, his a cute little one for sure.
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Damn, time is flying by. I remember when you were first talking about him. Since he can't eat cake, I will have it.
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