Mac Miller Dead Age 26 Posted:

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Rest Easy Mac Miller

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Alls i can say is RIP <3
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Awww rip
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Guy touched so many lives, helped me through some of my darkest times, Rest easy mac.
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RIP Mac. I'm really upset about this. I found out while listening to Best Day Ever by him. I grew up listening to his music and this is so sad. He won't be forgetten, atleast not by me.
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He's one of the few artists who helped me cope with my depression and post-suicide attempt sadness. His music was one of the most brilliant and amazing things I could have heard and I'm glad I can say that I listened to his music and that his music helped me.

Check on your loved ones. Text your friends, family members, acquaintances. You never know who you're saving by just sending a text and actually showing that you care about a loved one's feelings, thoughts and emotions.

May he rest in peace. You'll be missed, Malcolm McCormick.
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R.I.P my dude dude was a legend !
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Everybody in the 412 knew of mac. Another Taylor Allderdice star. RiP.
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Just saw this all over social media. Really sad about it. So sad to see good people go man
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Lol getting my post deleted when I posted about Mac Miller before you did.
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