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Let me start this off with a decently long one, so bare with me.

There are 3 construction workers that are building this huge skyscraper. They go to the top everyday and lunch time comes around. The first guy has a PB&J sandwich and says, "Ugh, I hate this." The second guy gets turkey with cheese and smiles. The third guy gets some pasta and nods his head. Next day comes around and they hit lunch time again. The first guy gets PB&J again for lunch and he says, "If I get another f*cking PB&J I am jumping off this building." The two other guys laugh quietly, when they both open their lunches and get the same thing, ham and cheese. They both high five each other with excitement, while the first guy is in disgust. The next days rolls around and lunch time arrives once more. The first guy swears if he gets another PB&J he is off the building. Opens it up, its ANOTHER PB&J sandwich. He gets up and runs straight off the building instantly dying. The second guy laughs hysterically while the third guy questions, "Bro why the hell are you laughing?" The second guy replies, "Because he made his own lunches."
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Spencer is the biggest joke on TTG
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[quote="Mikey"]Spencer is the biggest joke on TTG[/quote
JqhahahahahahHHH that's the funniest and most truthful thing on ttg]
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