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Has to be Ed, edd, and eddy for me to bring back they childhood memories lol
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There's quite a few I would like to see back but I would go with some of these

My Name is Earl
Breaking Bad

There's a few more I can't put my head around, but would love them back
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My name is Earl
Breaking Bad
Prison Break
Sons of Anarchy

Can re watch them all day everyday!
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Chappelle's Show

Greatest sketch comedy show.
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Kenen & Kel
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original teen titans. but it looks like were getting a reboot so hopefully its good again. or batman beyond would be dope too.
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Skates wroteoriginal teen titans. but it looks like were getting a reboot so hopefully its good again. or batman beyond would be dope too.

Anything will be better than Teen Titans GO my dude
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coolbunny1234 wroteThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Greatest show ever.
Hell yeah I agree 100%, fantastic show man!
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  • Christmas!
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The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, George Lopez (the older one, the new one is absolute trash)
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Rin wroteChappelle's Show

Greatest sketch comedy show.

I would love if he came back and did his show he was my fav comedy guy

also Top gear to come back like it was before the UK version
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