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  • Halloween!
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Welcome back man recently back myself hope to see you around
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Glad to see you back, hope to see you around!
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Adam wroteWelcome back Axe. It'll be nice if we had another challenger for the top 5. I do like Craig getting worried about his colourful name every once in a while
The last time me and Craig fought for the top 5 spot, it turned into a massive spam fest ahaha.
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a lot of new faces here....
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Holy shit it's been that long?

We're too old buddy
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Glad to see you back man!
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Hello Axe welcome back to TTG brother, glad to see old members come back man, see you around!
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A-10 here

dang its been long. glad to see you back
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  • Winter 2018
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Oh shit man, nice to see you back! Wonder if you remember this pleb
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  • Christmas!
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Hey bro welcome back!
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